Sunday, April 13, 2014

Another Rug before the Season Ends!

End of rug with warp
In between various winter tasks I have been working on organizing rags and weaving this winter.

Rug beam - finished rugs ready to be pulled and ends finished
I have just finished the fifth rug on a very long sectional warp.  I had blue denim in mind when I warped up the loom, and I have done three straight denim rugs.  Then I did a rug with a few stripes of some over dyed denim I dyed with left over dye from a class I took in January.

The fourth rug had denim and a stripe every six inches.  I liked it, so I did the next rug with over dyed denim at three inch intervals.

Now I have one more batch of denim and hope to get one more rug woven in time so I can pull all but one and finish the ends before our spring opener the first weekend in May.

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