Monday, April 28, 2014

Let the Greens Begin

It has been a long winter and a cool spring.  We grow mini and micro greens in winter, but Ken has transplanted seedlings under poly, and the greens are now ready for harvest!  We will have some available for our spring opener this first weekend in May.

There are greens in the original garden space under hoopettes

and there are greens in the mobile high tunnel - familiar ones like lettuces

and spinach

Many Asian greens thrive in this cool weather - there are mild varieties and spicy mustards.  They vary in color and texture as well.  they are good in salads or lightly braised and topped with oil and lemon juice, or interesting vinegars like umeboshi vinegar or wine vinegars, or a salad type dressing.

And the first smaller roots are starting, too - here are tiny beet greens

and salad turnips from Asia

and French breakfast radishes!

Spring is such an exciting time!

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