Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow today, Cold tomorrow

We have been getting snow.  And freezing rain, and ice pellets, and slush.  It has made life difficult for people who need to travel by car on slippery roads.  I have pulled lots of wood for the cook stove,
gone out and cleared walk and greenhouse doors, cleared windows on the van, and been thankful.  The forecast is for very cold weather for this time of year.  That is tough on all the plants in greenhouses and perennials.  Snow will buffer that cold.

Today Ken plowed the drive.  And I got some nice photos out the door -
the garden

The kiln shed

trees near the garden

the garden

In addition to plowing Ken moved these cockerels from the greenhouse in the field 

to this small coop that he recently moved near the drive.  It is smaller, warmer, and closer for him to check on them

The rest of the day we started various inside jobs.  Tomorrow starts a blast of cold that seems earlier than usual.  We are so glad the snow came first.

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