Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clearing Snow with Oscar

The snow has been falling.  Today as Ken was getting chains on tractors and plowing the drive I offered to walk out to check on the cockerels in the greenhouse in the field.  Oscar thought this was a great adventure.

First we went to the mobile high tunnel and shoveled out the door.  I left a shovel for the future 

Pretty nice inside

Then it was out to the field.  The walk was beautiful

Oscar had a great time

The field was also was covered in snow

I shoveled out that door and left a shovel for future use

The cockerels seemed pretty nonchalant - they had food and water, and it was 38 degrees inside the greenhouse

and Oscar likes chicken food

On the way back home Oscar kept going ahead

and waiting for me to catch up to him

Then I took a photo of the circle in the drive just because Ken loves how the snow sits on the bowling balls.

What beauty

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