Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow before the Cold

Ken got several fall tasks done before we got snow.  On Sunday Ken was out in the field mowing.  On Monday he got gypsum spread on the field.

And then the snow started.  We are glad to see it.  When I met Ken he told me the worst part of winter was trying to keep a car running and trying to get to destinations by car on time.  This is not such a big deal when one lives and works in the same place.  I do feel sorry for those who need to keep cars running and getting to destinations on time, but I am so glad it is snowing!

Why?   A blanket of snow on the ground before cold temperatures is a good thing - often the ground stays warm enough to slowly melt the snow from below and the moisture goes into the soil.  The snow also acts as insulation so the frost does not go so deep into the soil.  One year when we got early snow the frost never dropped.  This meant good moisture in spring and we could get into the fields early since we did not have to wait for the frost to lift out of the ground.

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