Saturday, December 14, 2013

Local Food Challenge in Winter

Last January I started a local food challenge in winter.  Usually these local food challenges occur at peak local growing season during the summer - a great start. My contention is how do we eat local year around?  Ken and I committed to this years ago when our CSA reported the worst part was "going back to the store."  We began an extended and then a year around CSA.  WE hope to recapture the skills our grandparents had to raise and store crops for the whole year

Why bother?  Local food systems support the local economy.  Local food systems reduce dependence on highways, petroleum and anonymous food sources of unknown origin and quality.

There can be delicious local meals all year round.  Today, while Ken's midday meal was getting cold, I snapped a few photos.  The menu?  Local lamb from our fiends Evan and Sarah with garlic and rosemary condiment of grated horseradish and cream), 

roasted vegetables from our root cellar with herbs, 

and sauteed red onions with Brussels sprout tops with tamari.

Traded locally milk and lamb;
Purchased from afar: Celtic sea salt, black pepper, tamari, olive oil for the roasted vegetables
The rest from our garden

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  1. I love it that you do this, Judith! Please keep up the inspiring work.