Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pigs Cool off in Mud

With this heat we have made sure the pigs have mud.  Pigs use mud and damp shady soil to cool off during hot weather.  Pigs get a bad reputation because of this, but pigs are actually quite intelligent and tidy.  Pigs keep eating and toilet areas very clearly defined.  

A nice cool mud "puddle"
Pigs love to dig.  They have huge muscles to do so, and they will often eat plants and then dig and eat roots.  Because they often have dirty noses, their water gets muddy.  We dump their muddy drinking water to a depression that they dig deeper.  

And then, on hot days they head to the mud


And double ah 

They lounge until cooled off

Once cool, they are once again ready for action!

Pigs are opportunists.  Have an itch?  Find a place to scratch!

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