Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beans in a pancake recipe

From our Friend Tom

Puff pancake is really simple.   Preheat a cast iron fry pan in a hot
oven for ten minuets or so.  Put in a coupe large table spoons of oil
and continue to heat for a min.  Batter is . one egg..half cup table spoon flour.
Whisk vigorously.  Pour into hot pan and return to oven for eight mins
or so and it will puff up and curl up the sides of the pan.  I just
sizzle a large hand full of green beans for a couple mins  in the oven
before I pour in the batter. It puffs up and looks like a lot but is
mostly air.  It is good with sweet or savory.  Measurements are never
exact....just wing it.

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