Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crazy Weather

Ken moving slush Saturday morning May 4th
We are experiencing unusual weather this spring.  March had several night time lows in the single digits.  April brought cooler weather and LOTS of snow.  The snow continued into May, and I was washing and pricing pottery in snow and slush.  Our spring opener weather included heavy slush in the morning on Saturday - a first. 

Kiln shed during snow Saturday May11th
And now today, on the Saturday of Mothers Day weekend, we had a blast of cold air - wind gusts to 35 miles per hour, first small hail, and then snow.  When the hail started Ken and I raced out to close the hoopettes in the garden - no one wants pre - shredded lettuce!  It was bitterly cold - very odd for May.

Jack with a layer of snow May 11th

The animals, including old Jack the Dog took it in stride - that is snow on him, not dandruff!

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