Monday, May 27, 2013

A Project and a Vow

I used to have a nice flower garden.  About ten or twenty years ago.  Back in the day I worked in an office and once I had the "cute clothes" off and work clothes on I headed out to the flower beds.  

Then I moved here.  People said it was serious as Ken was planting more carrots (need thinning) and peas (need fencing) and I was moving out perennials.  Some flowers did well in the woods of Wisconsin, others did not.  I lost most of my Asiatic lilies, Pasque flowers, and clematis.  But I had huge Joe Pye weed, and the iris did fine.

soon there will berries to pick

Then we began a vegetable business.  I was the picker of small fruit and vegetables.  Starting with strawberries in the spring, I picked and picked - usually every other day.  I enjoyed it, BUT

a start

my flower garden went to hell.  Grass.  Weeds. Poison ivy.

Last year I did a lot of physical therapy and my knee is better than it has been in years.

so far

I want to reclaim the flower garden.  And putting it here and in writing may just be the push I need to just keep at it.  We will see.

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