Saturday, February 2, 2013

Local Food Challenge - February

Winter,  when we have time to think, also means we have time to cook.  So I am thinking and cooking as much local food as possible.  Usually these local food challenges happen in August when there is a great deal of local food available.

Today I made tortillas. 
And dog food.  Part of dog food is cooking up beans.  So we cook double the amount - half of the beans go to dog food and we save out the other half for us.  Ken ran them all through the food processor, so I took part of our beans, and with our lard, our onions and our meat made re-fried beans.  Combined the re-fried beans with the tortillas, Ken's hot sauce (our tomatoes, peppers, etc. He might have bought the vinegar), sprouts (some seeds from our plants, but some purchased at co-op).

Add a locally brewed beer and voila - another local meal. Purchased items: lime to process corn, spices, salt and pepper, vinegar in hot sauce, some seeds for sprouting, and the beer (I did not brew this batch).

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