Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weaving - Slow Progress

Well!  This year I have taken some time to repair wear and tear on the fabric aprons on both looms.  First the one downstairs with a long sectional warp that I have been weaving various denim combinations the last couple years.

Then I repaired the apron on the upstairs loom.  And then I got warp on that loom - probably only enough for a couple rugs.   was using up the warp I had used during a Scandinavian Weaving class I took a couple years ago.  It is a heavier natural warp.  I also tried some new techniques I learned in that class.  Although I made a few mistake, It did go more smoothly.  Thanks to Ken!  It goes so much more smoothly and quickly with three hands.

First I put the warp on lease sticks.

Then I spread it out on a raddle.

Then I threaded the heddles.

Then I switched reeds and sleyed the reed.

Finally I tied on and wove some old t-shirt fabric to spread the warp.  Ready to go.

Then I returned downstairs and started weaving - only to find a problem so I had to take out and fix.

Now I am ready to go!  On both looms!

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