Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weaving Season Begins!

Each year I do the tax preparations and the seed order and other paper work and then I reward myself with weaving!

This year I had some warp left on the sectional warp beam on the loom on the main floor. I had a repair job to do before I could start weaving.  Last year when I had woven enough to start winding the rug on the cloth beam there was a rip  in the apron on the cloth beam that just kept going.  I did a quick patch, but the fabric of the apron had begun to disintegrate.  

So, rather than patch the patch, I got a piece of canvas from Ken and seamed up a new apron. 

Today I had the chance to tie the warp to the new apron.  Here is a photo of the sectional warp beam - where the warp unwinds.

Here is the new apron with warp on it 

And here is the start of weaving - a bit of old t - shirt to spread and even out the warp.

The loom upstairs is not warped.

But before I warp up that loom I want to repair that apron on the cloth beam as well.  Years ago I tried using grommets in the apron on the cloth beam, but they ripped badly.  I will do what I did downstairs - a few seams to form a casing for a rod so the tension is more evenly distributed.  I saw this on a loom at a class a couple years ago.  My old looms were not set up that way when I got them, but it seems like a very good system!

Next photos will be of rugs in progress!

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