Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pottery Season Begins!

After a long, warm autumn, Ken has cleared and cleaned the pottery studio.  Today was the first day of pottery classes.  After they left, Ken wrapped up some tasks, did evening chores and headed to the studio.

He is making a coil pot on one of the kick wheels.  He rolls out coils

Then he places them close to the pot.

He then runs a toothbrush with slip on the top of the last coil on the pot, and then he adds a new coil.

He pushes it down into the coil below so the fit is tight

Ken keeps adding coils 

The pot gets taller

Ken smooths the outside as he goes.  The pot is taking shape!

And here it is!

Here is the start of the second pot - doesn't look like much yet!

Ken starts pot number two - he makes it look easy.

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