Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Saga of the Splitter

We like to have plenty of wood ready to use for the cook stove and the wood stove and the kiln.  Ken cuts dead and dry, then we split if need be, stack and when the weather permits, continue this as an outdoor activity.

This fall Ken had some pressing tasks he wanted to complete, and he did. H got four out building roofs repaired and all that remains is to finish some sliders and egg box lids for the north coop. But that meant we were a bit behind on the wood.  November was terribly cold, and I was a bit nervous (there is always kiln wood in a real pinch).  

Then December was quite warm - more like November.  So Ken brought some dead and dry wood into the yard and he bucked it up to cook stove and wood stove lengths.  

But we had some problems with the splitter - it has now been to the shop three times and is not yet working.  Seems the engine - 50's or 60's vintage - may not be worth repairing.

But we have some wood bucked and ready to split - and there is always the kiln wood that we could buzz up in a pinch

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