Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ken in the Kitchen

Ken has been making cultured vegetables - here he is making gingered carrots. We both like them in cold weather as ginger is a warming spice.  Gingered carrots are also delicious with Asian dishes as a condiment.

Cultured vegetables, fermented vegetables and lacto fermented vegetables are different names for vegetables that have been scrubbed and either salted like sauerkraut or brined with salt water for large solid vegetables.  Salt is a preservative and the process of fermenting vegetables creates pro biotics similar to those found in high quality yogurt - but without the dairy.  Cultured vegetables also provide vitamin c that would be lost if the vegetables were cooked.

Ken creates several varieties - some large pieces, others sliced.

Some like carrots and require the additional step of peeling.

Some batches have cayenne pepper, so they are hot and others are not

Soon these will be ready.  Waiting is the most difficult part

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