Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Harvest Newsletter

Greetings from the Garden (and root cellar)!  This box has some greens for salad and braising, cabbage, potatoes, leeks and onions, garlic, shallots, squash, carrots and beets, black or daikon radish,  kohlrabi, and turnips.

Field Notes.  Ken was out mulching the strawberries this week.  And he is keeping the greenhouse doors clear so he can get in and out of them.  We may have some last greens to harvest from the mobile high tunnel this week; it all depends on the weather.
Much of Ken's work right now is planting for micro greens. 
Unfortunately with the lack of sunshine the greens are growing slower than usual once we move them to the windows.  

I have sprouts going by the cook stove as well

I have just about completed the seed order.  Last year our favorite seed company's product just did not germinate consistently.  That is part of the reason for low yields on several crops like the red onions and sweet corn.  Another part was weather.  I have ordered some seed from a new to us, but tried and true company for 2015.

From the Kitchen.  Ken has been in the kitchen early mornings and later in the evening as we have longer nights and shorter days.  He has made several batches of cultured vegetables - the same process as sauerkraut.  Cultured vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin c and pro biotics like those found in yogurt.  They will be ready soon.  

He has also been baking - pies; here is what happens to the pumpkins with a soft spot
and a wonderful carrot, leek, cabbage au gratin.
I have been browning a shank, adding leek or onion, garlic, dried herbs like savory and thyme, soup stock and barley.  After a long slow simmer on the cook stove I add rutabaga, turnip, and carrot chunks for a hearty stew.

Right now we have zero egg production - the chickens take a break during the cold and dark.  But in spring during peak egg season  Ken made some eggnog using George Washington's recipe, And so we tip our glass, and wish you a Happy Holiday Season.  'Til Next Year - just a few weeks away-, Ken and Judith

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