Friday, February 21, 2014

Wow! More Snow

We had two days of above freezing weather. 
Snow melted, dripped and slid off many of the roofs. 

Then we had more snow - a lot more snow.  Although snow did settle and levels dropped, we still have a lot of snow.  This is a pig panel.  Usually I can't step over it.

These nest boxes are usually a real stretch for me to reach into to pick eggs.  Now I am bending over to pick eggs.

It was a sticky snow, so it stuck to trees, 

our rock by the drive, 

and even fences 

and a chicken transport cage

Here is an early season photo of Ken's bowling balls
and a photo of them taken today.

I can walk under these arches when we don't have snow.

And here is a photo of our own bobsled course - the driveway

For a sense of scale here is a photo of a five gallon bucket on the drive and an egg basket on the bank of the drive.

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