Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morning in the Kitchen - Mostly Local Food

This morning began in the kitchen.  

First I got some chicken legs in a barbeque sauce of our tomato, Ken's hot sauce, our onions, some of Ken's dark honey, our garlic, some of the last of our semi dry chipotle and other peppers, Ken's apple vinegar - all from our larder.  

Then I started some long grain brown and wild rice - not from our larder. 

Ken had smelled an off onion smell the other day so I sorted onions and squash and cleaned them up. 

And cleaned some of our greens and sprouts with kefir herb dressing with some purchased feta cheese.

I started some kefir from milk from a friend.

Since the chickens are laying, I made some custard - our eggs, a friend's milk, our maple syrup and purchased salt and vanilla.  I had to use the "savory casserole" as our dessert casserole is at a friend's farm.  Hope there is no garlic bread residue!  

With the extra egg whites I made macaroons (purchased coconut and organic sugar, but our egg whites).  Although I had filled the rack , some have gone with Ken on his errands.

And finally a layer of chocolate cake for Ken to have with the custard and some frozen fruit.   He likes plain cake - sometimes a glaze.  We had chocolate cake and our frozen strawberries with yogurt for Valentines Day, and I planned to bake the slightly dried out left over cake in some custard, but no leftovers.  So I took out some frozen organic cherries for his dessert tonight.

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