Sunday, January 26, 2014

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Last Thursday I took a class in dye for cotton at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.  Ken and I made a day of it and ran errands - the clay supply company for glaze and clay components to add to our local materials, a heat mat thermostat for seedlings, and my class.

We did three color wheels - the first in jewel tones, 

The second series were pieces added to those dyes after much of the dye was spent for a pastel series.

And the third series was from a different set of dye colors to create a "harvest" series.

I hate waste.  when we were done, I asked people to put their extra dye in my extra zip lock bags so I could bring them home and use them.. They were glad to see them go to use rather than pouring them down the drain!

I brought them home.  I weighed out denim strips I had prepared to weave into rugs and over dyed them with varying combinations of remaining dye.

This was why I took the class!  From this used denim to 

a whole new palette of options that are drying by the cook stove.  

And now dry - balls!

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