Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clearing space in January

No "before" this is a "during " photo
What did I do on my "winter vacation?"  As I did the usual - ordering seeds, tax prep, revise CSA forms - I also started to clean and clear.  Last summer we had an opportunity for help laying the beautiful oak Ken cut for flooring.  Problem: could not GET to the floor.  I promised to start working to that end.  

Rags and CSA towels
I had many boxes of rags for making rugs.  

Some of the few I have made
And gourds for shekeres, and beads for shekeres, and brewing supplies, and office supplies, and..

There used to be a piano there
For Christmas Ken set up some shelves (we used to use at pottery shows) on the main floor for rags.  He also located some bins on sale to store them in.  

Setting up the shelves displaced a pan rack.  we moved it near the front door and have some of our many baskets hanging and we will dry bunches of herbs on it.

rack on left and tiles under loom
Moving the pot rack displaced our herb and pepper drying rack.  That is now in a new spot.  And Ken improved its design and ease in setting up and storing

Then I began sorting - such a lot of stuff!  And we found a new home for the upright piano.  

Wine under blue towel, no place for chairs yet...

Space and windows began to open up in the house on the east 

New rug and space on west
and the west

The trash has been emptied MANY times
And Ken has also steadily working at making space on the top floor.  He has been sorting paper and recycling and sending periodicals to the library for sales.

Took off all the rugs but one last spring
Both of us will continue these projects (there are still many boxes and places to clear out),  but tomorrow I may take a break and start weaving!

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