Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bowls Next

Yesterday Ken was making bowls - what he calls soup bowls.  He measures out clay and forms balls

Then he centers the ball of clay.  
Next he goes down in the middle.  
Then he brings up the sides.  
Then he shapes the bowl
Then he finishes the edge with a piece of chamois
He cuts it off with a wire 

and sets the bowl on a bat on a ware board.

Then when the bowls dry enough, he trims the foot of each bowl
He puts the bowl on the wheel and anchors it with clay.
He establishes the outside of the foot.
He establishes the interior of the foot
He trims the bottom of the bowl from the center out to the foot
He smooths the foot
And sets the bowl on a ware board.  then he moves the ware boards to a cabinet.  

If needed he covers pots in the cabinet with plastic to control humidity

Once he has trimmed all the bowls, he lets them firm up for a few hours and then signs each bowl

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