Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ken Makes Compost and Potting Soil

Ken is one of few farmers who make their own compost and potting soil.  Often people ask him why he does it - it is so cheap to buy. When I over hear this question I explain that years ago I overhear two young farmers comparing notes on new weeds that came in with their purchased compost!  

Ken acquired a front end loader and manure spreader to save is elbows!


Compost is only as good as the elements that went into making it.  with our fully mineralized soil's culls and garden waste the compost is truly black gold.  And Ken's biodynamic leanings make us look at the farm as an ecosystem that should go full cycle - those lower cabbage leaves should go to the pigs or geese, and their manure should be composted and brought back to the soil - he ultimate in full cycle dynamic.

Potting soil is the medium to bring seeds to plants.  How can the plants be any healthier than the soil where they start life?  The nutrients must be available to the seeds for the plants.

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