Friday, December 11, 2015

Compost to the Green house in the Field

Part of having a greenhouse is maintenance.  There is the frame, the plastic skin and there is the soil in the green house.  When we had the option of obtaining a grant for a greenhouse Ken knew two things: he wanted to "beef up" the structure with some of our own money, and he wanted a long narrow tunnel that, once the grant was concluded and the plastic needed to be replaced, could become multiple smaller greenhouses.  Why?

Well, each crop thrives under slightly different conditions.  Multiple green houses would improve yields.  And even more importantly we could rotate and leave frames open so soil could rejuvenate.  Soil inside a green house often gets stale and needs fresh air and amendments.  

This fall has been unseasonably warm and wet.  Ken wanted to get compost in the greenhouse, but he also wanted the soil dry enough so he did not tear up and compact soil.  Today was as good as it was going to get!  Rain is forecast and the roads and soil would be a soupy mess.

So Ken loaded compost.  Hes uses a front end loader these days.  He loads into buckets so he can haul them into the greenhouse easily - bucket by bucket.  Automation is a relative term.  It has been wonderful to move up from digging and lifting each bucket to a front end loader!

Any way I just caught the loading.  I had other inside tasks that kept me from going out to the field to document the unloading

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