Sunday, November 8, 2015

Summer Camp is Over; The Pigs Depart

For years every spring we have gotten feeder pigs from a local farmer.  We take orders for a half or whole as we can then have them slaughtered on farm.  The animals have no stress, and the part we do not use can be composted instead of entering the waste stream.

Once the meat leaves the farm Ken sets up his stock pot and simmers the heads and cleaned feet.  After about an hour I pick the meat off the head.  Then we return the heads and feet to the stock pot so the cartilage and marrow can cook into the stock.

Once the stock is ready, I get out the pressure canner. We skim off the fat and heat the stock, place in canning jars and pressure can.  

Then we pull out and the jars seal as they cool.  They make a wonderful pinging sound as they seal.  

Then I label and place on shelves in the root cellar for future use.

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