Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rug Tales

We all see different things as we drive and ride down the road.  A few weeks ago I thought I saw a rag rug on the shoulder of the highway.  Each time I went by the spot I looked and the shape was now wet from rain and less bright, but still there.  After a couple of weeks curiosity got the best of me so I pulled over to look.  Sure enough it was a rug!  It was great fun to see what choices that weaver made.  It is a well made and visually pleasing rug.

I intended to learn to crochet rugs for quite some time.  I love my looms, but during the growing season I never am set up to weave.  I thought if I learned to crochet rugs, I could work on reducing my rag inventory when I was on the go.  Here is my first effort.  I just learned from a library book that I have been doing it all wrong.  A friend showed me, but when I went to do it, my memory was not quite right.  So instead of double crochet, this rug is single crochet.  Once I finish it I will learn and move on.  The next should be better!

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