Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Ken asked me to order some chicks.  We usually get chicks in August or September when our hens have not hatched out replacement layers.  Although they grow more slowly in fall and winter, it seems to make sense to us to get them in late summer.  There are two reasons.  It takes six months from chick to a hen laying her first egg.  Hens lay fewer eggs when it is cold or dark.  So, getting spring chicks means they start to lay eggs and then quickly stop for the winter.  We feed them all winter for very few eggs!Early autumn chicks start to lay in early spring when the days get longer and it is warmer.

The chicks arrived Friday and we put them in a large cardboard box.  They grow quickly and soon looked too crowded.

So yesterday we moved them to a small stock tank that leaks.

Of course they all move to the other end when I tried to get a photo

They seem content in their new space

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