Monday, July 13, 2015


 Currently bears are doing well in close proximity to people - there are bird feeders and garbage cans and such.  Many sows have more cubs.  Often we see a yearling in spring that has been pushed from the den and is looking for a home.  We do our best to discourage them from moving close to our farm.  Ken and I put feed in coops at night and make sure pigs eat what they are given each day.

Oscar, our working dog, takes the night shift and barks and makes it an undesirable place to stay.  For a few nights last week Ken has gotten up to join Oscar in discouraging them.  Ken found these prints and told me about them.  This appears to be a sow with a cub.  Ken thinks the cub is climbing a tree when Oscar barks and the sow is circling.  It seems they have decided to keep moving.  We hope they find somewhere else to live!

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