Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Annual Farm Tour

Each year we host a farm tour.  We invite friends and members of our CSA and personal produce service to visit and see the farm, hear about our history, current and future projects, and then enjoy a snack of food from the farm.  Everyone enjoys connecting food to farm and learning exactly how their food is grown.

This year we scheduled the tour later in the season.  Although plants are not so young, perky, and cute as the season progresses, there is more to see - garlic ready to pull, cukes and tomatoes and beans on the plants, etc We also discovered that more people could attend at this time - and what a nice group of people this year!

Ken started in the garden so we can incorporate any folks who arrive late.  I usually run out and snap a few pictures.  Then I head back into the kitchen with head count and finish snack preparations.  This year I had help, and I am grateful!

We also received photos via face book and email from other people. It was wonderful to see our farm as they saw it.  Thank you for sharing them.  To see them check out the Keppers Pottery page on face book.

Thank you to all who came and shared our farm with us

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