Monday, August 4, 2014

One of My Favorite Perennials

It's tomato season and pepper season and eggplant and cucumber and zucchini...

AND daylily season!   They are one of my favorite perennials - ephemeral, tough, beautiful.  I have acquired many over the years.  This one from a friend, Ardys.  It is not yellow nor peach but some wonderful shad between.  and it changes based on what it is near.

And I think this double came from Lesa

then there is one I traded to get

And one from a favorite vendor at the St Paul Farmers Market

And one from unknown origin that I have split and given to others.  the photo is not true color; it is deep red.

They bloom in the heat of the summer.  each bloom lasts only one day.  I so enjoy them.

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