Monday, August 25, 2014

Computer Story

This little pink laptop computer has saved my bacon - a couple times.

A couple Tuesdays ago I turned on the computer and went to get a nail trimmer - jagged nails this time of year.  

Ken started yelling (pretty unusual) and I put together the words computer and fire, so I ran across the main floor (me running even more unusual than Ken yelling).  Sure enough there was a flame inside the computer.  Ken later described it as a Bunsen burner shooting out at him.  I shut the computer off, unplugged it and  took it near the door and opened some windows.  Then I set this one up and was back in business.  Subsequently our computer service person has located and set up a model comparable to what we had.

I learned several things from this: having a backup is good.  Taking apart a computer is not hard.  Blowing the dust off the inside of the computer prevents a fire.  And the best news is we did not lose any files or photos. 

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