Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Team Expands to include a New Kitten

We rely on animals to assist us.  Oscar the dog keeps deer and other animals out of the garden and field where the mobile high tunnel is.  

And for smaller rodents we have relied on cats.  Last year I was unsuccessful in securing a working cat for this farm.  First the chipmunk population exploded.  Then this spring we found voles had damaged fall planted greens and seedlings that were in the garden to harden off.  Oscar and Ken caught two voles after the damage had been done

Two days ago we acquired a very young kitten.  Of course I am nervous after losing a kitten that was sick last season.  But this little kitten seems healthy and very energetic and curious.  We have fenced in a small area so he can get used to this place and the animals here - dog, geese, chickens, old cat, etc. can get used to him and know that he belongs here.

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