Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CSA Newsletter

Greetings from the Garden!  This box has lettuce and salad greens, Bok choy and Chinese cabbage, green onions, beets, asparagus, and the first carrots.

Field Notes.  How quickly everything changes this time of year!  The mobile high tunnel is full of tomatoes and peppers.  We are harvesting the last of the other crops there to make room for them.  The beets, carrots, and green onions are coming out!  From small seedlings, these heat loving plants have taken off, and Ken has to keep them tied so they don't flop and break.

The field is also moving into production.  Tiny pea pods are starting to form, and soon I will be picking those.  Ken's experiments to get early strawberries means that crop has peaked.  He has planted a later variety, and we will see how they do!

It probably sounds like a broken record, but Ken is busy.  He continues planting short season crops like greens and radishes, and the last of the long season crops like corn and beans.  With the rain the plants are growing - and so are the weeds! He also renovated and planted the space where the chickens and geese spent the winter.

From the Kitchen.  The first carrots are always such a treat.  Ken harvested a handful and I scrubbed, sliced and cooked for breakfast!  We had buttered carrots, eggs, and and an interesting combination of avocado, the first garlic scapes, yogurt, cilantro, lemon juice and salt and pepper that Ken had run through the food processor served on our toast.  It was a great combo - rich eggs, zippy spread and sweet carrots.  

I have been cooking bok choy for lunch.  I cut the greens off the stems, slice the stems diagonally, saute for a couple minutes until they start to become translucent and then add the sliced green tops and turn off the heat.  I usually top with a dressing of a bit of honey, tamari, a half teaspoon of toasted sesame oil and some toasted sesame seeds.  It would be beautiful served on the same plate as the beets or carrots - a rainbow of a meal.

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