Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ken's Definitive Diagnosis

Ken got a definitive diagnosis yesterday.  He has been suffering from a venomous spider bite.  About three weeks ago he was working late.  Once he came inside for the night he saw a small blister that looked and itched like poison ivy - only one bump and he was puzzled - he had not seen any poison ivy while he was working.

The next morning his foot swelled up and he wondered if it was a splinter, so he opened the blister - no foreign object.  Foot continued to turn reddish purple and swelled up like a water balloon.  Then his ankle swelled, so he soaked his foot.  Next fever, chills and loss of appetite.  Rash on neck and upper back.  Finally stabbing pain like sciatica in both shoulders and hips.

He has seen his health care practitioner, been diagnosed and is on a regimen.  It is good to know what it is and it will be better once he is back to his old Ken self!


  1. Are they sure it's not Lyme disease from a deer tick bite? Rash, swelling, flu-like symptoms, and arthritic pain are all symptoms. Ticks are way more common up here than venomous spiders (which are extremely rare).

  2. Augh. So sorry to hear about this--but glad Ken is on the mend!