Friday, March 15, 2013

New Rug

When asked how I would like to spend my birthday, I said weaving!  I had finished the first rug last week, and had an idea for the next one.  This sectional warp will allow me to try many experiments.  And I hope to use up some of the large volume of denim that I have.

Denim, even old denim, is stiff enough that it does not pack in tightly very easily.  No one likes rugs with spaces between the weft, so I have tried soaking in fabric softener, adding other fabrics with denim in the weft, and then I read a tip in a weaving periodical Called Weaver's Friend.  

One weaver suggested adding some rug warp to act as a cushion and the denim would pack more easily.  It takes more time, but I think it does help.

I also want try to make the rug warp part of a design element.  We will see how that works.

And finally, in the filler, I tried a combo of white and blue as at some point I want to try an old Shaker style chevron pattern.

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