Monday, March 11, 2013

Greenhouses in Snow

The mobile high tunnel in March
After last year's unusually warm temperatures, this year seems cold and snowy.  We are glad to see all this snow.  Most of the time snow melts into the soil and we need soil moisture.  Snow does present challenges in planting the greenhouses.

Today, after the snow, Loring and I snow shoed out to check the temperatures inside the greenhouses.  Here is Loring at the end of the medium tunnel out in the field.  Note how the snow falls down the sides.

Loring could easily move enough snow from the front of the door to check the temperatures inside the medium tunnel.

I wish the door was where there is less snow!
Then we walked back to the mobile high tunnel.  This tunnel moves back and forth along a track.  This provides many benefits - soil is exposed to air and rainfall when tunnel is in one of the other two positions, for example.

The mobile doors are on the sides so they do not need to be removed when the tunnel is moved over crops.

Unfortunately that means that they are covered with snow as it falls off the roof.  Here is a photo of the snow on the door in the corner that I took from inside.

Thanks to Loring for shoveling out!

So there is much shoveling to do before one can get into the tunnel.  I think I would prefer to take the door off when we need to move the tunnel.

Once inside it is amazing! Today both tunnels were in the 60's!

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