Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pigs will be going Soon

This week the pigs will be heading to the meat locker and on to people's freezers.  Although they start out as cute little things, sometime about Labor Day they become hogs.  We care for them and give them lots of garden trimmings like lower cabbage leaves, corn stalks, etc.  About the end of October we are filling the root cellar and the supply of garden items dwindles.  And it is time for them to go.

It is tough, but right.  They have had organic grain, sprouted grain, produce trimmings from our farm.  They have had land to dig, have been outside in the woods with a shelter.  It has been a good life and they have done their job of converting food we don't eat into clean, healthy meat.  They have dug areas and lifted the rocks for Ken and Loyal to pick.

We are grateful.

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