Sunday, November 18, 2012

At the Gallery

Ken is one of two featured artists at artZ gallery in Amery, Wisconsin this month.  He brought in pottery and set up his exhibit.  

He was asked to set up the front window with pottery.  He thought about what he wanted to do and brought some of his larger sculptural pieces people often  place in gardens or entry ways. 

 He went to the gravel pit and got some pea gravel to set up tiles at a more effective angle.  These were remaining from a beautiful commission installation he did at the medical clinic in Barron, Wisconsin.

Then he was asked to bring vegetables the night of the opening reception.  He harvested and my friend Tom and I cleaned and priced vegetables for a table in the middle of the installation.  Tom hauled everything in and Ken set up the table.

People admired and purchased both pottery and vegetables as soon as installation was complete, so pots and vegetables were shifted, and the installation kept changing.

Ken's vegetables were at the gallery for a week, but the pottery will be there for the month of November.  Ken will continue to have pottery at artZ after the show as well as at Dancing Bird studio in Cumberland, Wisconsin.

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