Sunday, May 20, 2012

Piglet and poultry photos

Ken and a friend got the poultry fence up by the mobile high tunnel Friday.  They moved the geese into the rye.  

This is a real treat for the geese - grass eaters.

And Saturday Ken and I moved the tom and one female turkey who is neither sitting nor parenting.  They seemed to be disruptive to the one sitting on eggs and the new mom.

Here is a shot of the new mom and some of her babies - they are tough to spot.

Everyone asks for more pig photos - they seem to be the most popular of any I post.

Here are two in a deep sleep.

And here is one I interrupted while it was eating.

They are still sharing small feed dishes. Soon they will outgrow them and Ken will use bigger troughs for feed.

They are lively, happy pigs.

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