Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CSA Newsletter

lambs quarters
Greetings form the Garden!  This box has asparagus, different varieties of lettuce, spinach, salad greens, lambs quarters, green and red mustard, French breakfast radishes, Asian turnips, green onions,  and dill.

Field Notes. Ken is busily planting. And planting.  He is also clearing space for more planting.  He has most of the hot weather crops in, and is focused on the late planting of potatoes.  Soon he will plant the sweet potatoes, too. He also maintains clear space for sequential plantings.

On a personal note, Ken is heading to his farming roots this weekend.  is family farm is passing from an uncle to a cousin.  He plans to attend the auction and visit with the older generation while they are still here.  I will be here minding the ranch

Yesterday I attended a post harvest handling safety workshop.  I am happy we follow safe food practices, and that I have learned new ways to improve our systems.

And we are asking for your help.  We were asked to plant greens for a wholesale account that did not materialize.  We have extra greens for sale.  Please let other people know.  Our list is on the web site under order veg.  If you need to purchase more greens, please order or email me and we can deliver your additional order with your CSA box.

From the Kitchen.  We have been enjoying turnips.  Last week I suggested slicing them and adding salt.  I have also been washing, slicing and steaming.  Serve with butter, salt, and pepper.  I have a great recipe from Deborah Madison where she cooks roots, and then blanches the greens.  She dresses the greens and places them on the plate like a nest and then tops with the roots.  Beautiful image.

Last week I finally made mayonnaise.   It is not difficult.  Beat two yolks with some dry mustard, salt, a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar, honey, and powdered red or black pepper.  Then slowly add about a cup of good quality oil like olive or a nut oil like walnut or sesame oil while beating constantly - this is one of the few times I use an electric hand mixer.  Near the end add an additional tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar.  I then make macaroons or meringues with the egg whites.  I use this home made mayonnaise as an asparagus dip, or in salad dressings.  If you are worried about raw eggs, you can dip them in water at least 165 degrees to kill and salmonella on the outside.  And if an egg is cracked, cook it thoroughly.

Asian turnips and red mustard
I also tried the Asian style of salting sliced roots with a combination or radishes and turnips.  The red skinned radishes were a delightful color and flavor addition to white turnips.

Lambs quarters is considered a weed by some, but a nutritious delicacy by others.  It is a mild green - great in salad or braised.

'Til Next Week, 

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