Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Piglets Have Arrived!

Each year we get piglets.  Pigs are an important member of the team here.  They are four legged rototillers.  We rotate them from project to project.  Some years the y clear new garden space, renovate areas, clear fence lines, etc.  They love to dig!  And they eat culls from the garden - lower cabbage leaves, broccoli plants, etc.

When they arrive they are small, and Oscar takes on the job of nanny.  This year we are pretty excited to have full blooded Berkshires.  A few years back we had Duroc Berkshire cross bred pigs, and they were great!  

We sell half and whole animals, and usually get only as many pigs as we have pre - sold.  Since pigs don't come in halves, and we had an odd number of families who have ordered, we still have one half available.

If interested, contact us for details.

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