Friday, June 26, 2015

Crop News from the Garden and Field

Summer has begun.  There is always a shift at this time of year.  Spring crops include many foods that like cool and damp - spinach, lettuce, greens, radishes, asparagus.  Several summer crops like growing in cooler weather - like peas.

Summer comes, and many of summer crops move forward rapidly - Peas are ready to pick.  

Tomatoes and eggplant, and peppers grow dramatically

The curcurbit family - squash, cucumbers, melons loves heat and Ken has started picking the first of the cucumbers and zucchini

And we have moved from the early radishes and salad turnips to carrots and beets.

The spring bok choy and napa are done and we have moved to small sweet European salad cabbage - a treat raw or cooked.

Yes, we love growing and eating with the seasons

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