Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pottery - some of the many steps in making a pot

When most people think of making pottery, they think of throwing or turning a pot on the wheel.  That is only one step of many.  

Most of Ken's pots have a foot.  They are trimmed once the clay is leather hard

Ken makes many pots with lids.  That means he throws a pot and throws a lid for the pot.  Often he throws lids "off the hump" which means he makes many lids from one large piece of centered clay.

He throws the lid, and measures it, and cuts it from the hump and 

places it on the ware board.

Later when the clay has dried some, he fits lids to pots.  

Next he trims the lids.  And puts a handle on each lid.  

He rolls out a coil, cuts and forms it,

Then he puts some watery clay called slip on the lid.  With the slip and firm pressure, the two pieces of clay will bond.  

He puts the handle on the lid and presses it on and then into shape so it will be easy to grip. 

Sometimes the pot also has handles.  He makes and using some slip and firm pressure he puts handles on pots.

Or if it is a cup he does a pulled handle

This is all done with foot power on a treadle wheel.  

Next Ken places pots under plastic so the dry evenly.  Then after he signs them, they are bisqued, glazed, fired and cleaned for sale.  

Many steps and each one affects the outcome of how the piece turns out.

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