Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Splitter Works! Wrapping up the Wood

We usually have the wood for the current and next year cut split and stacked by October or early November.  this year the splitter has been in for repairs multiple times.  It is old - they told us it was a "throw away engine when we bought it.  But this week we have it back, and it works!  So first we got the cook stove wood caught up - here is the whole pile

On the left is the greener wood for next year

In the middle is where I am taking last year's wood with cat dish above dog reach and crates of small pieces and bark I will use for kindling.

We have also filled the right section that we have already emptied this year with the cold start we had - that wood is dead and dry enough to burn 

By the back door we had a big pile of wood Ken had cut to length but it needed splitting

Now that pile is gone (and Ken can see out the studio windows) - 

It has moved to a neatly split and stacked pile ready for the larger wood stove in the lower studio level.

All that remains is some long birch for the side stoke holes in the pottery kiln

And here is Ken, Oscar and a sleeping Big Red - hoorah!

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