Monday, November 17, 2014

Too Cold for Too Long

All fall we have had beautiful greens.  We got enough rain in August and September and enough sun for all the greens to thrive.  Last year not enough moisture or sunlight meant a poor crop.  

But it all came to an early end.  Most years we have greens through Thanksgiving and depending on the weather through Christmas some years.

We had a big snow a week ago.  I was glad to see it as it would slow down the movement of frost down into the soil and into the hoopettes and greenhouses.  

Then we got frigid temperatures.  We have not had had sun and warm daytime temperatures so the plants could thaw out and recover.  Even with fiber over plants in the greenhouse, many plants froze. 

More snow took out some of the hoopettes.  Ken had experimented with stronger structure.  It was not completely successful

And like the wicked witch of the west those greens are not merely dead but really most sincerely dead.  Some will come back in spring when we get sun for more hours and sunlight with more intensity.

I am thankful for what my dad would say - "It has been a good run."  Stay tuned for shoots, micro greens and sprouts

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