Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Foliage

This time of year I try to take time out from the push to get things done before the weather turns cold, and enjoy the change of view.  I am amazed at people looking for "peak color" and driving around to look at leaves.  In Vermont my parents used to call these folk "foliageurs."

I am fortunate.  I live in a place where each day I see small changes.  First there is just a hint of color among the fading green leaves.

Then more leaves change and there is a beautiful mix of color.  This is my favorite...

...when there is still some green to contrast with the color.

And I enjoy cloudy days as that is when the color pops.

Soon leaves will start falling in earnest, and for me this is a beautiful thing as there is a carpet of crunchy leaves and the woods open us for winter.

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